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In the capital city of Germany, there are many sights that are celebrated as landmarks, it is also a major center point of German art, culture, media and politics. Brandenburg gate is a must visit with your sexy young escort, because it tells you how once it marked a division and hatred among Berliners but now it is notable as a symbol of peace and harmony among the people of Berlin. Demonstration. This 26 meter tall, Acropolis inspired design building was built by King Frederick Wilhelm II during 1788. During the cold war in Germany this gate was selected by West Berliners to protest. However now it is seen as the symbol of unity in Berlin.

When you hear the word Island, an imagery of forest, greenery and beach comes into your mind, but after visiting Museum Island in Berlin your vision about Island will surely change. Your escort Berlin can surely tell you about this UNESCO world heritage site that spreads on 400 meter canal between River Spree and Kupfergraben. It is also a home to many museums that tells the stories of the past from around the world. Take your escort Berlin to the Old museum on the Museum Island to witness the royal jewels and crowns jewels. Another museum on the Museum Island is New Museum. It was demolished during the WW2. However, it was re built in 2009 and is now home to wide variety of collections from Egypt and Papyrus. Also don’t miss the classical antique collection that is preserved here. Old National Gallery is also situated on the Museum Island and it was inaugurated in 1876. It displays a wide variety of beautiful and exceptional neoclassical statues and paintings from 1815- 1848. You and your paid sex date can also enjoy the Byzantine art collection of paintings and huge statues ranging from medieval times till the late 1700s in Bode Museum. It is also located in the Museum Island. To mesmerize yourself with Islamic art and pre-historic building of the Middle East, especially Istar gate you can witness Pergamon with your sex companion. In Museum Island there is also a museum dedicated to exclusive industrial objects. It is named Design Panoptikun. It is more like a house made from the scrap of the past aviation, medical, film and many other objects. As you will enter the doors of the museum with your Escort Berlin, you will witness human beings made out of scrap doing some action with the inexplicable furniture made from the scrap too.

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If you are looking for some scary fun, you can take your Escort Berlin to Spree Park that once thrived with 1.7 million visitors but now has been abandoned sin the last decade. It was the pride of communist era. However, now many tourists visit this abandoned amusement park to see the ruins of children rides and huge dinosaur statues. You can surely pull your pants down here for a nice blowjob from your accompanying escort Berlin, but do keep in mind that you won’t be the only visitor there with your teen escort so be discreet too. The ruins make bizarre art pieces that are fascinating and capturing. So, do put Spree Park on your list.

To enjoy a sensual bath in salt water pool with your big tits escort, you must visit Liquidrom. The structure of the building itself is worth viewing. The design of this building is inspired from a train station during the WW2. At that time many entertainers and artists would perform here, wherever they like but now this Liquidrom is turned into an A-class spa where you can enjoy saunas and baths with your blonde escort.

Spend some quality time with your Escort Berlin in the world’s second largest botanical garden of Berlin. Initially it was no more than a kitchen garden, growing vegetables but soon it evolved. Now it is home for some endangered species of plants that are about to get extinct from their natural habitats, but surely this garden has preserved those plants for us to see. Your sexy Russian escort will also accompany you to see the sixteen greenhouses, flowered vines, rock cliff waterfalls and etc. You can also experience to walk on a carpet made of ferns, orchids and bromeliads with your eye-candy escort Berlin. The Victoria house in this huge botanical garden is no less than a heaven on earth.

Evenings and Nights with your Escort Berlin

If you are fan of tea then you must take your busty Escort Berlin to Tajikistan Tea room. It is decorated with Persian and Russian decorations. It is a best place to sit and have tea in the Asian style in the heart of Berlin. It will surely make your evening a memorable one.

If you are fan of robots then Monster Kabinett is a must visit place for you and your Escort Berlin. It is a wonderland where you can enjoy to see huge creatures made of tins and jangling metal, there are robotic insect- like beasts as well. These creature are as alive as a human being. It is an art collection by Dead Pigeon Collective. You can enjoy a robotic show in this warehouse on every Thursday and Friday night. This robotic haunted house will give you goosebumps. If you ever had a fantasy to make out in a haunted house, you can even fulfill this desire because your busty escort won’t stop you like your wife or your girlfriend.

Have you ever heard of a place that is half community center and half night-club? If not, then a visit to Hoe Mies is strongly recommended. Party your heart out with your escort Berlin while enjoying entertaining performances by exceptional talents from the LGBTQ community. Although, LGBTQ talents are usually prioritized but straight people can also showcase their talents here as well. So, don’t think that this place is only for LGBTQ community, in fact here there is no racism or nepotism among people. Everyone enjoys the party.

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Porceptual is the only club where your bodies are celebrated. You can enjoy a lap dance here from your Latina escort while having some drinks. You can also get your action if you desire from your escort Berlin without worrying about the people because nudity is accepted and your choices are respected. If you ever wanted to party in a circus you can go to this unique club, Salon zur Wilden Renate. It is a club with many dance floors and uniquely bizarre music. It’s, main charm is the maze that is really huge. You will surely have fun to cross the maze with your big ass escort. One more thing that will convince you to try out this place is that you can exchange empty bottles and glasses for money to pay for your drinks.

After spending some time partying in numerous nightclubs of Berlin with your escort Berlin, take your kinky escort to your hotel room for some kinky erotic fun. As Berlin is the largest city, you will find many hotel who will allow your BDSM escort Berlin to go in with you but these two are recommended. Adlon Kempinski tops the list. It is one of the most lavish and ancient hotels of Germany. This legendary hotel has guest rooms and 13 categories of suites. It also offers a luxurious spa service and there are two hotel owned bars and three restaurants where you can have a lavish dinner with you’re a-class escort model. Another on the list is Nhow Hotel. It is designed for music lovers especially. Designer Kareem Rashid designed this luxurious hotel in the New Yorkers style. You can enjoy the view of beautiful River Spree from you room while having drinks with your adult companion. There are many other hotels where you can take your escort Berlin.

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